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  • Langrova 1207/1b
  • 627 00 Brno
  • Czech Republic
  • Tel.: +420 724 111 074
  • info@lap-trainer.com
  • http://www.lap-trainer.com

Key features of the laparoscopic trainer Abc-lap

  • * original patented design and technical solution
  • * movable camera Full HD
  • * integrated LED light source
  • * two levels of difficulty (3D beginner/2D advanced)
  • * three versions of trainer top (standard/gynae/cardio)
  • * up to 20 ports for instruments including single port techniques (SILS)
  • * wide range of accessories
  • * Full HD video recording (optional)
  • * computerized performance assessment (optional)

Differences between models of the laparoscopic trainer Abc-lap

1.4 Full HD Economy Basic solution with Full HD/1080p imaging (resolution 1080 lines)
1.6(s) Full HD Student Advanced solution with Full HD/1080p imaging (resolution 1080 lines)
1.7(s) Full HD Teacher Second HDMI for connecting to projector and demonstrating to group of students
1.8(s) Full HD Professor USB for connecting to PC, PASS performance assessment and video capture sofware

Each model is available as Desktop trainer with 22" LED monitor

Desktop Laparoscopic trainer Abc-lap

or Training station with 23" LED monitor and adjustable torso height ('s' items).

Laparoscopic training station Abc-lap